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Puppy's Fav Webcomics

A ker-huge list of my favourite Webcomics, from all around the web - check these out :D I still have to add a bunch, but you will not be disappointed by this list so far.

The Suburban Jungle (Classic) (1999-2009) by John "The Gneech" Robney
The Suburban Jungle - Rough Housing! (2014-ongoing *hiatus) by John "The Gneech" Robney
The Class Menagerie (1998-2002) by Vince Suzukawa
Housepets! (2008-ongoing) by Rick Griffin
Buster Wilde Weerwolf (1997-2000) by Scot Zellman
Achewood (2002-2006) by Chris Onstad
Back! (2014-2021) by Anthony & KC

Current Status: ♥Lovin' Julie-Su♥