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Sonic Projector RP Guides

This is a collection of tips and guides for the Sonic Fangame, Sonic Projector RP

Getting rings

Rings are used to purchase chao, companions, and most importantly (if you have your beloved fancharacters like we do,) Projector+. It costs 40,000 rings to purchase Projector+ (or about £1.50 worth of credits, but that's boring!) - so you are going to want to know the best way to get those sweet, sweet little rings.


The most effortless way to get rings is the Casinopolis HedgesSlots machines, located in Studiopolis Zone. Continue down the road, and you'll eventually find it - it's hard to miss. If you are having a hard time finding Studiopolis Zone itself, simply locate your nearest Teleporter Ring - it should be listed as option 002). You need at least 5 rings to play - you can get these easily by accessing your daily login reward from the Dream Console.

The HedgeSlots machines have the best odds out of the two gambling games. Of the 20 possible combinations, only 2 will result in you losing rings (triple Eggman, or double Eggman & Knuckles). The average winnings work out to about 9 rings per play. If you only do this to gain rings, then it will take you aproximately six hours of constant playtime. Well, good thing that you don't have to do JUST this, huh?
The scores for each option scale like this - Sonic: 9. Tails: 6. Knuckles: 3. Eggman: 0.

Holo Egg Table

Oh look, it's the worst way to try to earn rings! If you thought that the HedgeSlots were rigged in your favour on mistake, you'l quickly realise your mistake when you wrack up the 5000 minimum rings needed to deal a card at this table. Do not play this machine, unless you really enjoy losing rings!
The Holo Egg Table costs 25 Rings to deal a card, and there are only two options - S: 40, and EGG: 0. That averages out to -5 rings per play. Suddenly that 9 rings per play (aproximately 108 rings per minute) doesn't seem so bad, does it?!

Daily Login Bonus

Daily Login Bonus is your friend. Daily Login Bonus loves you. Daily login bonus resets every 12 hours. You can access the Daily Login Bonus by clicking on any Dream Console - you will see 'Login Reward' on the side. Click on this, and claim! The pool of rewards are thus; 10, 25, 50, 100, and 500 rings.

Press Garden Zone Crate Crushing

This one is a little more complex than the others, but it is very fun. The hardest part is working out how to find Press Garden Zone, and figuring out which crates can be pushed, and to where.
Press Garden Zone can easily be found from Green Hill Zone by looking for the icy snow of Ice Cap Zone (008). From here, you will see pink trees poking out from the top of the incline. This snowy pink-tree'd area is, of course, the iconic Press Garden Zone.

There are certain crates which can be pushed, but not every crate is pushable. The physics item crates are a greenish colour - though, the easiest way to find out if it is a pushable crate is... Get this - to try and push it.

Each crate is worth 30 rings. You will want to push them up the slopes shown below, and into the crusher at the end.

You may now be thinking - 'How come this one is so encouraged, if it's only a crummy 30 rings per box?!' - Well, it's easier to incorporate into a roleplay setting. That's what you're here for, right? HedgeSlots requires you to be sat still, with a display over your screen. You can still chat, but you cannot actively participate in the overworld.

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