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Cool Sites

The ker-coolest sites on all of the whole world wide web! Well... Other thank this one. -wink- this is practically my bookmarks tab-away-from my bookmarks tab. But I hope that you can have fun browsing it, too!

Ermagherd, BUTTERNS!

Regular Ol' Linkydoodles:

Awesome art and some totally-not-mad science! I promise.
Chao Island
Aweshum site (you may remember it as chao.hippotank.com) that has everything you need to know about Chao.
The Furry Forums
Freakin' fantastic forum for fellow furs (FFFFFF).
Sonic Gear
Huginanticmassimous collection of Sonic merchandise. Way past cool!
Fursuit building tutorials, also perfect for learning how to make paws, ears, and tails for cosplay
QQmachi's 100k a Day Neopets Guide
QQmachi's helpful Neopets guide for making neopoints ;3
Food Club Bets Network
Neopets Food Bets guide and network, best way to make lots of neopoints easy :3
Splatoon Nawabari (JP)
Splatoon News & Updates (Japanese Language only)
Archie Sonic Comics Reading Order (PGW)
Reading Order with comic covers for the Pre-Genesis Wave Sonic Archie Comics
Sonic Comic Covers
Cover collection for Sonic Comics
Sonic The Hedgehog Database
Awesome fansite!

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