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"Do you really wanna be like them? Do you really wanna be another trend? Do you wanna be part of that crowd? 'Cause I don't ever wanna, I don't ever wanna be you!"♪ The Anthem - Good Charlotte ♪

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Updates & Notes

18/4/2023 - ☆ Working on an Archie Sonic Reading Order. And, thanks for 16,000 clicks o_O; That is a LOT of people. I mean, I don't even have any fanfics or nothin' to offer yet XDD ☆
13/4/2023 - ☆ Published my Echidna fanart page! Slowly adding art to it... the Galleries of Awesome have been moved to Fun Stuff so make sure to check that page out! ☆
5/3/2023 - ☆ We're now into the new year... Almost 14,000 clicks, thank you all! Working on some fun pages that will go live soon.. Or perhaps you've already been looking where yu shouldn't, and seen them :P ☆
30/12/2022 - ☆ Well - the year is almost over... The site has been spruced up a little with help from my beloved Pippy, who stole my CSS only to improve on it . . . So I stole it back xD ☆
24/12/2022 - ☆ Happy holidays, it's Christmas Eve! Thank you for 10,000 clicks! ☆
14/11/2022 - ☆ Added a new review and star ratings to Videogame Arcades UK
7/11/2022 - ☆ Changed some things, also working on my Chao Raising guide
2/11/2022 - ☆ Added some links, changed some layout thingies :3 check out my cool sites page to see! AND - thank you 5000 clicks! ♥
31/10/2022 - ☆ Re-spoingled the layout some. ^_^ ☆
26/10/2022 - ☆ Thank You for 4000 Clicks! ☆
17/10/2022 - ☆ Added page for Sonic Projector RP Guides
21/09/2022 - ☆ Finished chaos emerald guide for Sonic Universe RP Guides. Finalising Sol, World Ring, & Character location guides. Added 'Updates & Notes' section. Seperated Chao Garden pages for easier loading ☆

Current Status: ♥Lovin' Julie-Su♥